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Saving West Virginia Wildlife

Learn About and Rescue Animals in the Wild

At Saving West Virginia Wildlife, we invite everyone to join us and restore balance in our natural environment. Our group is based in Hillsboro, West Virginia, and we work hard to promote diversity for a functional and healthy ecosystem.

Our Mission

We strive to rehabilitate and provide relief for native animals. Our team also offers various educational programs for children, including wildlife rehab training as well as human and wildlife conflict resolution. To further our goal, we dedicate ourselves to supporting 200 to 300 creatures a year.

Services We Provide

Saving West Virginia Wildlife

Wildlife Rescue and Rehab

Saving West Virginia Wildlife

Educational Services

Saving West Virginia Wildlife

Human and Wildlife Conflict Resolution

Customer Reviews

Robin Porter

“They are the most kind-hearted people I could have ever met. I enjoyed seeing the work that they are doing to protect, preserve, and provide for our West Virginia wildlife. May God bless them in their endeavors.”

Julie DeLorenzo

“Five stars for POV Farms. They take in all types of wildlife in need of rehab. Babies, adults, from birds to bears—they help them all. The only wildlife rescue in the state licensed to take in bears. They are wonderful people. The animals get great care. They stay up around the clock to save lives. I love this rescue.”

Jason Doss

“They have saved and continue to save countless lives of bears and cubs (and other wildlife). They are self-run and selfless good people who work around the clock and are always at the ready to respond when help is needed or when it matters. They rely on donations to keep up their important work, so please consider donating money or resources to this good cause. Find them on Facebook, too.”

Maria Scipio Metheny

“This place and the people that run it and volunteer at it are awesome. They go out of their way to help injured and/or abandoned wildlife, rehabilitate them, and set them free back into the wild. They personally helped us with a baby raccoon that my son found on the road. They took her in, nurtured her, and let her free. This place is awesome.”

Diane Johnson

“If you want an expert on wildlife, Joel and his crew, including Terri, one of the top animal care persons. These dedicated people are here for wildlife rescue. Please donate to their cause and send lots of love. Follow them on Facebook as well.”

Tami Herbst

“It is amazing what Point of View Farm does for wild animals that are injured or abandoned. They are the only wildlife rescue in the state of West Virginia. Without them, many wild animals would suffer and die. Please consider donating as this is a small operation and needs all the help it can get to keep doing the wonderful things they've been doing!”

Sarienn Horror Narrator

“A loving, professional, and extremely empathic group of human beings who care for wildlife who need their help. If you ever need any wildlife cared for and saved, (babies, injured animals, etc.) please call them up. From bears to baby squirrels and all in between, Point of View Farm is a lovely safe sanctuary.”

Stacy Rainwater

“Wonderful organization and people. They love animals and do their absolute best to save many! Thank you for all you do!”

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